Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Hand Pieced Mini Quilt Swap

I love a bit of EPP (you may have noticed) so when Jo announced a hand-pieced mini swap I couldn't resist. Now that Paula @mudpiesand pins has received her package, I can share it here with you! This one proved to be hard. I couldn't decide on a pattern, I couldn't decide on fabric... in the end I took my inspiration from an Art Gallery print which I use sparingly on the front, and then for the backing.

Photo borrowed from Paula

For the pattern, I settled on an excerpt from the New Hexagon Millefiori quilt and took the pattern for rosette one, shrunk it to use 2" finished hexagons (the original uses 3" finished hexagons) and then did just two rounds, rather than the full three.

There were some definite learning curves in this project: to make my own templates I started with some 2" hexagon papers that came free with a magazine. They were much thinner than I'm use to and I struggled to get neat corners on some of the tight angles on the triangles. Then I decided to try glue basting using a Tesco glue-stick. Don't ask me why I thought a swap project was a good guinea pig. The glue was much softer than that which comes in the sewline refils, and as such went on much thicker and then set like concrete.

.After I'd fought the paper out I posted on Instagram and know for next time that ironing may melt the glue enough to make it easier to remove the papers.... next time I'll know. There won't be a next time.

And going back to those dodgy sharp points... there were a few areas where things didn't quite meet and one bit where I ended up with a raw edge peaking through on the front. I managed to save it (though I nearly started again at one point) and looking at it just before I sent it off, I can't see where this was anymore. Phew!.

I always like to hand quilt when I've hand-pieced - it just feels right somehow. I got out my perle thread and did a little echo quilting. In the background I wanted to do cross hatch quilting and had a brainwave at the last minute to match the angels in the piecing rather than the standard squares. I'm so glad I did and I love how it turned out. I want to try and remember this next time I work with hexagons and need background quilting.

The only time the quilt saw a sewing machine, was to attach the binding!

I included some extras of course! A zippy pouch complete with matching pincushion and needle-case.

And look what I received in this swap: all the way from @donna8b in New Zealand - the piecing is beautiful and the quilting is gorgeous.

And look at the goodies that came with it (yes - Mia has decided that the pen and notebook were sent especially for her, and the chocolate didn't last long either. I must remember to open these parcels when I'm on my own and not surrounded by family!

And I have to show an extra photos of this gorgeous zippy pouch! What amazing fussy-cutting!

The hand-pieced mini swap was on my Q3 Finish Along list

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So was the zippy pouch I sent as an extra, but I'll link that up somewhere else....


pennydog said...

Those Pineapple lumps are amazing. They really ache your jaw but they're delicious! I got some in my last swap. I like both what you sent and received.

Marly said...

Lovely little quilt Jennie. The great thing about Sewline glue is that it dissolves when damp, so when you want to remove the papers out of tricky tight corners just lightly spray the piece first, and then out they come, as easy as pie! Tesco probably make theirs to last!

Kirsten said...

Such a stunning mini quilt - fabulous piecing and I love the colours you have used!
"Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad."