Saturday, 25 July 2015

La Passacaglia [Rosette 2]

I know I showed this on Wednesday, but it was not quite finished, and now it is, I felt is deserved it's own post. And some photos taken in daylight! And on a personal note, I think it will be nice for me to look back over each Rosette in the future, as each will tell it's own story...

The fabric: the fabric combination in this rosette was a total accident! Aren't the best ones! I placed an order with The Village Haberdashery - there was a sale, I was using my mobile and I just picked random fabrics which I liked, and which I thought would fit well into my stash. And when I spread them out I realised that some of them went together perfectly!

So I started the recollection print - the white background floral in the centre of the aqua flowers. And it just so happened that the Geometric Bliss stripe (the first round of pentagons and the centre of the outer-most stars) matched. In the same package were the two aquas which I have alternated for the pentagon flowers, and the dark teal Alison Glass Mercury - the paler is also from Recollection and the darker is a text print from Ayumi Mills. I then raided my stash to fill out the warmer colours: s solid bright pink, Architextures in peach (I love this fabric and I've now run out - anyone n the UK/Europe have some they'd like to swap/sell?), Domino Dot in peach, Sketch in a beautiful pinky coral and Art Gallery Floral elements in peach.

I wish I had more of all of these fabrics - enough to make a whole quilt. But I don't. I do have 2m of the floral Recollection print, which may be included in the quilt back - in a million years time. And I have the same stripe print in a knit to make a dress for Mia. Come to think of it, does anyone in the UK/Europe have this fabric as a cotton to swap/sell?

The story: Whilst a machine pieced quilt often reminds you of sitting at your sewing table, and possibly the TV programmes you were watching at the time, maybe the recipient of the quilt, hand-piecing travels with you and collects far more memories. Going back to first putting that fabric pull together: it was the first fabric purchase to arrive in our new house! I was working on this whilst away in Tenby - my favourite place in the world. And I worked on it during our journey to see my parents last weekend - though perhaps less romatically it reminds of the A1 more than the weekend in general!

This block is a number 2 rosette and will sit in the bottom right of the finished quilt. I've pulled out more fabrics today for the next few rosettes and I'm looking forward to the journey they take me on too.


Lin said...

Lovely post Jenny and a great finish. xx

pennydog said...

Such a beautiful colour combo! I'd never have picked something like that!

Unknown said...

I love your beautiful rosette!

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