Monday, 11 April 2016

Finish Along Q2 [It's ok if you want to laugh at me]

You may consider me foolish to even attempt a finish this quarter...  I know I won't get much opportunity to sew in Baby's first few months, but I'm hopeful for the odd hour of Daddy time when I'm awake enough to safely operate a sewing machine. I have no idea what project I'll want to work on if I do get the chance, so I'll list everything. Again.

But the first project I'm listing is new to the FAL list: it's Mia's big girl quilt. For the first 5-6 months, Baby will sleep in our bedroom, but after that she will move into the nursery and Mia will move into her new bedroom and a full size single bed. Which means Mia needs a big-girl quilt for her big-girl bed in her big-girl bedroom. I have two blocks finished, and lots more to make.

Another new project is one that I cut out just this week: It's a while since I fell head over heels in love with a fabric line, but Paperie from Art Gallery really did get me. It's not at all my normal choice, but it's so pretty. I'm planning hand pieced and hand quilted clam shells. Given it's current status, as shown in the photo below, this is an unlikely candidate for a finish but it might just hit the spot for sofa sewing.

Moccasin Block of the Month: it irks that I didn't get this finished last quarter: I'm so close... This will be a quilt for me so it doesn't get prioritised.

Slivers II Cushion: this may be a good candidate for a quick finish. I've said that before!

My Small World: I made really good progress on this last quarter, finishing the piecing and starting the hand-quilting. There's lots of quilting still to go, but as a sofa project there's a chance this will at least see progress in the next few months.

Inside Addition quilt: it's pretty bad that this isn't finished yet. Straightforward piecing, and probably straightforward quilting too. There's just a little part of me that doesn't really like it anymore and that may be holding me back. Maybe if I just get on with it I'll find I do like it when it's finished!

Aspen Glow. Again. It would be nice if I could make just a little bit of progress so that at least I have a different, slightly more interesting, photo to share with you once a quarter!

Do you remember the mini quilt I created for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini quilt swap. I never ever found out if my partner received it.  She disappeared off the face of the earth. How rude! But I cut enough fabric so I could have one too. Maybe I'll finish this. Maybe as a cushion cover?

Let's shove the Gravity quilt on the list for good measure, shall we?

How about the Marcelle Medallion quilt? I've seen some beauties on Instagram recently that have inspired me to get this out again. I haven't. But you never know.

The red and blue quilt I need to finish for my mother-in-law. I can't believe this will take long....

And finally: I recently tidied my sewing desk and shelves and came across the fabrics I cut for a flying geese cushion over a year ago. I may need to cut more fabric, but this could be achievable.

I know. Totally unrealistic! One finish from the twelve would be a huge achievement for me


Cut&Alter said...

What a great list - you have some lovely projects on the go. Good luck this quarter!

Anthea said...

You crack me up, Jennie!
You have some gorgeous projects there... they're all something to look forward to when you have time... you might be blessed with a content Bub who sleeps & gives you stitching time!
I wonder whether there might be a wisdom in prioritising say 3 projects & working on them to finish, so you feel you're getting somewhere with them? Because of my circumstances at home in recent months, I've had to do that & it's really helped with progressing my chosen projects.
Take it easy!

Mary Huey said...

Your small world is inspiring -- if I didn't already have so much on my own plate, I'd take that one on, too. Make Mia's quilt the top priority!!

Lin said...

All I can say is - Good Luck!! x

Allison said...

You have a good sense of humour!😁 Anthea's advice sounds a workable way forward to achieving progress with a few projects. Hope you are keeping well and you are soon proud parents of two lovely daughters.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck!!

Christine said...

I love the Small World quilt...and your hand-quilting...awesome! I can't wait to see it finished!