Monday, 10 April 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 14]

I think this brings me to nearly 100 days of embroidery!

Monday, 3rd April: a new stitch today: Moss stitch in deep pinky red, right at the top of the hoop.

Tuesday, 4th April: and another new stitch - whipped back stitch. I stitched the backstitch in navy and then laced it with sky blue. I created a corner around the cloud filler in the centre of the hoop.

Wednesday, 5th April: Blanket stitch in aqua, continuing from the line I did ages ago and taking it up round the swirl in the top right of the hoop.

Thursday, 6th April: I added some green blanket titch to the middle loop on the right hand side.

Friday, 7th April: some blue chain stitch to the same loop.

Saturday, 8th April: a row of aqua chain stitch around the Basque stitch wheel in the bottom left of the hoop.

Sunday, 9th April: Twisted chain stitch in pink up and around the loop in the top right.

This week's two new stitches brings me to 42 different stitches used within the hoop - I was surprised it was so many as I regularly go back to chain stitch!

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