Thursday, 27 April 2017

Zip Up Tray Pouch

You know when you see a new pattern, and you just have to make it? That's what I thought when I first saw Aneela Hoey's latest patterns. She's just released two: the Zip up Tray Pouch and the Open Out Box Pouch. Whilst the Open Out Box Pouch is still on the list, I now have my own Zip Up Tray Pouch!

I had to wait while the postman delivered the interfacing and zips I needed, but they arrived last Friday and I had my pouch before bedtime! It's one of those patterns, where if you read it through in advance it makes no sense... but if you do it step by step,, it isn't scary at all.

This was my first time using a separating zip and I made life harder for myself by having one which was too long and needing to shorten it in such a way that the pull wouldn't come off the end... and I misunderstood the binding instruction and had to do some unpicking. But it really works!

The one downside to the project was the final hand-sewing. Because the interfacing is quite firm (and has to be to give the pouch it's shape), it's harder to manipulate to allow for easier hand sewing.But some binding clips and the odd swear word and it was done! The zip would also have been easier if I knew where my zipper foot was....

The outside fabric and the binding fabric are both Cotton and Steel, and the lining and the ends are both Kona solids.

The pattern isn't one of the cheapest out there, but I intend to get my money's worth and make a fair few of these pouches - they would make great Christmas presents! Next up - an Open Out Box Pouch!

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