Wednesday, 26 April 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 16]

Here she is - this actually includes an extra day's sewing because I forgot to take a full picture on Sunday night - whoops!

Monday, 17th April:Satin stitch in blue to create vertical stripes on the right hand side of the hoop.

Tuesday, 18th April: I enjoyed the affect of the stripes so much, I did some horizontal stripes in lime green satin stitch on the left hand side of the hoop (and now much prefer this section of the hoop!).

Wednesday 19th April: Running stitch in dark green in between the green stripes.

Thursday, 20th April: Jessica's birthday, so I added a second heart, in pink, in the centre of the hoop.

Friday, 21st April: I struggled with what to do tonight, so added a line of back stitch in pink on the far left of the hoop.

Saturday, 22nd April: Blue chain stitch right across the top of the hoop - I'm not sure it looks great, so will require some more attention in the coming weeks!

Sunday, 23rd April:Arrow head stitch in orange, which some yellow echoes....

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