Monday, 17 April 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 15]

Here's my little hoops after 15 weeks - that's over 100 days now!

Monday, 10th April: Twisted chain stitch in lavendar from the bullion knot wheel on the left over the top to the whirl in the top right corner. I went as far as the length of thread would take me!

Tuesday, 11th April: A new stitch from TAST (Take A stitch Tuesday over at Pintangle): double whipped chain stitch. I really like this one: my favourite chain stitch but bolder and pretty. I did this row on the left in yellow and orange.

Wednesday, 12th April: Purple satin stitch to infill the middle loop on the right of the hoop.

Thursday, 13th April: I took a line of orange chain stitch up the right hand side and created another curve in the top right with it.

Friday, 14th April - Good Friday: Double whipped chain stitch in green and bluey-green under the Guilloche stitch in the top right. I'm very pleased with how this combination turned out.

Saturday, 15th April: Purple stem stitch beneath yesterday's double whipped chain stitch.

Sunday, 16th April - Easter Sunday: Lime green chain stitch added to the top left of the hoop - this is my least favourite part of the hoop and I'm not sure this addition has improved it.

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Lin said...

Congratulations on sticking with it - looking good. xx