Wednesday, 3 May 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 17]

Another week - the year is flying by!

Monday, 24th April: Peach French knots in the arrow head stitch at the top of the hoop.

Tuesday, 25th April: Lavender bullion knots in a ring to create the first of two flower at the top left of the hoop.

Wednesday, 26th April: Pink pistil stitch in between the bullion knots.

Thursday, 27th April: Aqua French knots in the centre of the flower.

Friday, 28th April: Yellow pistil stitch to create a second flower in the top left.

Saturday, 29th April: Peach long-arm lazy daisy stitch - this was a new stitch, and I really like it. But it doesn't show up very well where I did it, so I think I'll be using it again somewhere.

Sunday, 30th April: Orange French knots in the centre of the second flower.

The photo at the top has a couple of extra days, as the photo I was going to share was a night-time one and very dark, so I rephotographed it today.

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