Thursday, 4 May 2017

APQ Resolution [April review]

The April project for the APQ Resolution was my Summer Sampler quilt. Whilst I didn't manage to get it finished, I did go from 10 blocks to 15 blocks.

I struggled an awful lot with the fabric selections for these blocks. The fabrics are all from Dreamin Vintage by Jeni Baker, and the scale of the prints is much larger than I would normally use, and there are prints with sneaky directionality. I even tried some fussy cutting, with mixed success. I think they'll do fine in the finished quilt, but I don't love them all.

One of the blocks I do love, is this one: Michael and I are calling the orange "caravan orange" - the exact shade of caravan upholstery from the 1980s! I love it. he's not so keen!

I need to do another 5 blocks, decide on a layout and sash it, quilt it, and bind it - not much then! But I'm pleased with the progress I did make! The ladies who ran the Summer Sampler 2016 have just announced the Summer Sampler 2017. Perhaps I should make an effort to get this one finished before I inevitably start the next!!

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