Thursday, 4 May 2017

APQ Resolution [May]

I have to confess that it has been a while since the project listed for May has been out of the cupboard. I did a quick search on my blog, and the last time it got a mention was December 2014, when I announced my plan to finish it in 2015! And then in July 2013, when I added it to a Finish Along list. In fact the last time I can see any evidence that I worked on it is April 2013...

Well, today I got my Double Wedding Ring quilt out of the cupboard and took some new photos of it. A couple of pieces of good news: I still absolutely love it; and all the pieces are cut! The bad news: I'm not even half way through piecing it! And there are Y-seams every two inches. And where there aren't Y-seams, there are curves!

The colours are still beautiful: the fabrics are Poetica from Art Gallery with Floral Elements as the background. The whole thing was dye-cut as a class at my local quilt shop. So it's cut, it's accurate and there are little nicks for lining up the curves. I even have backing fabric in the cupboard.

I think finishing this quilt is not going to be possible. But I will be happy to see some progress.

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