Wednesday, 31 May 2017

#1yearofstitches [week 21]

Here she is at the end of another week.

Monday, 22nd May: Guilloche stitch in aqua on the left of the hoop running horizontally.

Tuesday, 23rd May: A new stitch tonight, woven cross stitch in pink, a row of four on the left of the hoop.

Wednesday, 24th May: Algerian stitch in green - close to the centre, this was another new stitch.

Thursday, 25th May: twisted chain stitch in pink, near the top of the hoop.

Friday, 26th May: another new addition: L'Abeille stitch - the blue triangle near the top of the hoop.

Saturday, 27th May: a single double cross stitch in burnt orange - can you spot it?

Sunday, 28th May: I unpicked the green heart around the two flowers at the top of the hoop and replaced it with a back-stitch box, and now I'm much happier!

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