Monday, 15 May 2017

#1yearofstitches [week19]

I had an idea about my hoop this week. And I decided to run with it. I think it's totally changed the look of the hoop and I'm really pleased with this new direction.

Monday, 15th May: I realised last week, that I hadn't actually used running stitch anywhere in the hoop. So I did. Red running stitch!

Tuesday, 16th May: Pink whipped backstitch - this was the start of the change. I added whipped backstitch in pink in the corner near the blue whipped back stitch - just to the right of the three yellow satin stitch boxes.

Wednesday, 17th May: And this was the day I saw the way forward - I continued the whipped back stitch to create a box in pink on the left of the hoop.

Thursday, 18th May: I continued the theme and took the existing blue whipped stitch and carried it round into another box, weaving under existing stitches. When I got to the line of existing chain stitch, I threaded it with the same navy I had used for the whipping. You can barely see it, but it ties it together.

Friday, 19th May: I took a line of purple stem stitch and continued it round into a partial box at the top right edge of the hoop.

Saturday, 20th May: Orange whipped stitch to create a box at the bottom of the hoop.

Sunday, 21st May: And aqua whipped backstitch to create a box at the top of the hoop.

I think there will be more boxes next week....

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Lin said...

Works well Jennie - lots of nice spaces to fill. xx

claudia said...

Your hoop is looking great! I'm a little confused on your dates though.