Wednesday, 3 May 2017

April [Review]

Another month done and dusted, and the quota of chaos in our household just seems to be going up and up. Both the girls have been ill, and Jess is teething on top of that, and I was ill over Easter. Jessica turned 1 this month. She is unstoppable: she hardly ever sits still, she loves playing with Mia's toys, she has the cheekiest little grin, and there have been some pretty bad nights, where you give her a bottle at 2am and she's just simply awake. And two hours later, she's still awake. And when I've had only 4 hours sleep, something has to give. And it's been the diet. I'm back to eating crap. It's a cycle I need to get out of. But I'm not sure how, right now. I daren't get on the scales!

Sewing is definitely my sanity right now! And April saw a lot of sewing: mostly in short bursts, while the girls were playing happily, or Daddy was in charge, or in the evenings. I joined in with the #100dayproject in April with the goal of spending a little time with my sewing machine every day. I find that often in the evening I just want to flop on the sofa with hand-sewing. And whilst I haven't managed to sew at my machine every day, I've done far more than I would otherwise have, and my block total for April reflects that: 86 blocks! A lot of these have been for my Long Time Gone quilt: a simple block of the week.... hah! Yeah right. The first couple of weeks may have been simple blocks, but my goodness - 21 3" churn dashes last week! The blocks seem to be taking longer each week! But I love the process, I love how scrappy it is, and I love that I am still keeping up!

I'm also keeping up with a snail a week and the #52weekswiththequiltersplanner sew-along.

I'm still behind with Down the Rabbit Hole, but I'm also still moving forward. I'm definitely behind with my Ice Cream soda blossom, but made four blocks this month, and I've made progress on the baby quilts that I need to finish. We won't talk about Dear Jane....

I had one of those spontaneous makes: a Zip-up Tray Pouch, which I love!

And I made a mini quilt for a friend.

What I now need, over the next few weeks, are some actual finishes... and that requires some larger chunks of time to get some quilting done.

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