Monday, 8 May 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 18]

I experienced a bit of a creative block with my hoop this week, but still added something every day, including a few new stitches. I'm hoping inspiration will strike again soon.

Monday, 1st May: Yellow stem stitch to outline the inside of the circle with the two hearts in the centre of the hoop.

Tuesday, 2nd May: A new stitch tonight over on the left of the hoop: barb stitch. This is basicially two rows of blanket stitch, back to back and lined up, then whipped. I really like the effect. I used light blue for the blanket stitch and dark blue for the whipping.

Wednesday, 3rd May: Another new one: La Mouche stitch. This is the pink triangle you can find towards the top right of the hoop. My hoop sadly lacks areas that need a stitch this shape but I'm on the look out for more opportunities!

Thursday, 4th May: Lime green chain stitch to create a heart shape around the two flowers at the top of the hoop. I don't know that I like it. I reserve the right to unpick it.

Friday, 5th May: This was the night I really struggled to know what to add, so I just added a ring of pink chain stitch in the top right, echoing the lines already there

Saturday, 6th May: Another new stitch - stepped threaded running stitch in the bottom right of the hoop. This is two lines of running stitch, where the visible stitches are not in line (stepped!), which is then threaded. I did the running stitch in pink and the threading in peach, which, it turns out, is too light to really see. I realised whilst stitching this tonight, that I haven't used a basic running stitch anywhere in the hoop yet!

Sunday, 7th May: I added dark purple back stitch either side of the stepped threaded running stitch in the hope it will make the peach stand out better. I think it's worked a little.

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