Tuesday, 8 January 2019

2018 in Review

2018 doesn't feel like my most productive sewing year. Even before I fell pregnant in May, finishes were few and far between. But having spent some time this morning going through photos, it turns out that it wasn't quite as unproductive as I thought. Plus I've grown a human!

So first up, the quilts:

Gypsy Wife - I love that it's a rainbow and I love that I finished it on my birthday. I love the low volume stripes. I love everything about it!

Summer Sampler 2016 - two years late but I still love the fabrics I chose. I also love that I was able to pick up a matching backing in the sale. I don't love that this quilt seems to have been "adopted" by my eldest daughter! Though it does look very cute on her bed.

The Kittens Quilt - rather a spur of the moment decision to make this one but Jessica's reaction to her own cat quilt was lovely. Not quite a rainbow but so pretty. And go to the original blog post to see the amazing Caticorn backing!

Round We Go - this was a labour of love. It was a quilt-along I kept up with. It was a mammoth task of applique and hand quilting. It was the only project I worked on consistently during my first trimester. It will always be a special quilt, but there were times when I couldn't wait to see the back of it. I love how good this photo turned out with the matching beach hut - entirely by accident.

Sloths and Unicorns - an obvious combination!

And Bjorn Bear - not the original version I had planned (which is in disgrace in a cupboard) but infinitely better!

I made quite the number of pouches, mostly from patterns by Aneela Hoey. The most useful is the Boxy pocket Pouch - I use it daily and it contains all of my EPP supplies.

Top: All-in-one Box Pouch; bottom: two in one pouch and two Inside Outside Pouches
The other mega-useful pouch/bags are the Totes Amazeballs Tote (pattern by Angie Wilson), which is huge and carries everything), and the Sewing Date Traveller, which I swore about when I made it, but which I also use every day.
Left: Boxy Clear Pouch; Sewing Date Traveller
Centre: Needlebook Plus; Needlebook Plus and Sewing Folio; Wee Braw Bag; Totes Amazeballs Tote
Right: Devon pouches and Wee Braw Bags
I finished a few hoops this year, but didn't do anywhere near as much embroidery as in previous years.

Floral Fields pattern by Threadfolk; Pineapple curved EPP pattern by Sew Motion; Breath pattern by Lolli and Grace and Cat pattern by Cinderberry Stitches.

But the year wasn't just about what I made, it was also about who I met. I made some amazing friends at the Sewing Shindig retreat in September - people in my phone exist in reality! And they are an amazing, crazy bunch and I can't wait to catch up with them again in 2019.

Our North East Modern Quilt Guild moved locations in March - we now meet monthly at the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead. We also went on retreat and that weekend was another highlight of my sewing year - and will be again in 2019!

And February saw the best day ever, when I met Tula Pink at Simply Solids. I got a last minute ticket as I wasn't a fan of her fabric (though I love her patterns). Well that changed pretty quickly. She was an inspirational speaker, and a lovely, open person. And I fell head over heels in love with her fabric - it's proven to be a pricey change of mind, but I am now the proud owner of a large Tula Pink stash. This also helped me achieve my 2018 goal of attempting more fussy cutting - definitely something I have embraced, though it's still hard to cut a piece out of the centre of a perfectly good piece of fabric! This cushion was the EPP I started on that day with Tula - it will always be special!

And this leads me on to the projects I worked on this year, and love, but remain unfinished! Spot the Tula! These are projects I hope to finish in 2019:

My full-sized Tula Nova: all the EPP is done, but I have to piece the background and get appliquing! Brimfield in De La Luna - 2 blocks done out of 12. Mandolin in Spirit Animal - 14 of 20 blocks done. But I'm not ruling out going to 25 blocks. Awesome Ocean (and Fancy Forest not pictured). #100days100blocks2018 in all Carolyn Friedlander fabrics - it's a completed top, but needs layering. And Hidden Agenda in all Tula. This was an unplanned start but a fabulous pattern and I loved using all my Tula fabrics. The top is finished, but the backing will be the same pattern, mirrored and in low volume - it's started! Also not pictured is my Ice Cream Soda quilt - I've made huge progress on this recently so watch this space for an update.

But of course, I do like a new start so there will likely be a few other projects too - just as soon as this baby arrives!

Stats of the year:
It was an EPP focussed year: I used 43 Sewline glue refills!
I challenge myself every year to make 1000 blocks: in 2016 I hit that target; in 2017 I missed it by a smidge. In 2018 I missed it by a mile. I made 611 blocks, but 133 of those were hand-pieced EPP blocks!
I started the year with 94 projects on the WIP list and despite the finishes, I ended it with a stonking 121 items!

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