Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February FMQ

It's just as well February has 29 days this year: As with last month, I am leaving the completion of this month's FMQ Challenge from SewCalGal till the last minute. Entries close tonight. There is a reason for this: I read the tutorial/watch the video early in the month and then keep thinking it through in my head. By the time I come to stitch it I know the design well and know how I'm going to do it. Then I just go for it.
I didn't consider last month's leaves to be particularly successful, though my Mum thought they were lovely.

This month it's feathers - slightly scary. But I found it a lot easier than the leaves - maybe because I've had a bit more general FMQ with Linda's quilt and because of some of the tips on speed that were in the tutorial. This has helped improve the consistency of my stitch length too. So here are my feathers:
I had a few issues with tension, but they aren't too obvious and I eventually got it sorted. I think I would still struggle if I tried to lay these out on a quilt, as I have quilted each feath individually, with no idea about how I could link them together if they were on a big quilt. But I'm sure that will come.

I definitely see more feathers in my future!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully done - I like the even plumes and your echoes are nice and tight to the plumes - something I've yet to accomplish!
Pat in OR

Tammy said...

Hi Jennie, Your feathers look fantastic. Bravo.. well done!
Diane has a post on her blog oh how to link the feather's together here
Happy Leap Day!