Sunday, 26 February 2012

Swoon, stars and farming

That sums up my weekend really. I have spent most of it sat at my sewing machine. Though I did go out for a lovely dinner last night (mmmm seafood risotto with fish from the fishquay at Tynemouth...mmm...).

I have made 2 more Farmer's Wife blocks, bringing me to a total of 68 (I think). Both were rotary cut, rather than foundation pieced. First up is Homeward Bound. Although simple I really love this block and I think I might shrink it down to half size and try amini quilt to see what it would look like across a whole quilt.

And then Railroad.
I made another Swoon block. This is my fifth 24" block from the Happy Mochi Yum Yum fabric - just four more to go. This isn't my favourite colour combo, but I think it will look good once all the blocks are together.And then I got on with my Oh My Stars quilt. All of the tutorials have now been posted, so I just have to finish stitching them. I made 28 blocks this weekend: Plaid Stars, Chequerboard stars, Quattro Stagione Stars and Radiant stars, and Saw Tooth Stars (there are a couple of variations in amongst these sawtooths):
I still have a fair few blocks to do, especially 4" blocks, but my progress chart is now looking really healthy and the end is in sight. The only variation I still have to do is the Shimmering star: I'm skipping wony stars and I don't have the range of fabric to do the final star variation (it's a courthouse steps style block). I'm now starting to think of quilting ideas... and I have a self imposed deadline of Easter, so it's ready for when Mum and Dad come up to visit.

In other news I have been given 6 feather pillows of various shapes and sizes just begging for some cushion covers - there are some tutorials I've seen on the web for some beautiful block patterns that would be perfect. Watch this space.

And Michael has man flu. Needless to say, he isn't getting much sympathy for his sniffle. :)

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Linda said...

Gorgeous block, but I am loving your Swoon block!!! The fabrics you chose are going to create a stunning quilt!