Wednesday, 1 February 2012

An idea....

So I've had an idea - it's called Relegation Rescue

Please feel free to let me know if it's daft.

I was inspired after last month's Friday Night Sew In - I pulled out the yellow tablecloth I'd started for my Mum, which I had shoved in the cupboard and which was in danger of being relegated. I unpicked the bit I didn't like and within a week the tablecloth had been promoted to a finish, as I fell back in love with it - the comments people left on my blog really spurred me on again.
So my idea is kind of based on the English football leagues (bear with me if you're not a sports fan - it does get quilty). In the top league, the Premiership, there are 20 clubs who play each other twice in a season and at the end of the season, the three with the lowest number of points get relegated. Newcastle United have been there, done that. And hopefully won't again.

And we all have quilts that we started and then fell out of love with. With all of these quilts there are those sitting in the relegation zone - still in the WIP league but close to being relegated to the UFO league.

So the idea is that we would pull out such an unloved project. Just for a few hours. Show it some TLC. Blog about the project- why you started it, why you fell out of love with it. You may even fall back in love with it and be inspired to move it forward. You don't have to finish anything, just tell a story and show your project that you haven't forgotten about it. The wonderful comments I got on my blog about the yellow tablecloth really made me keen to keep going.

I'll learn how to use a linky (any advice?) and do a post for later in the month where anyone can link up to a blog post - say the last Friday of the month? That gives you a month to think about which project you might rescue. I'll run it for a few months and see how we go. Sound good? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Leo said...

well I would love to throw in my quilt top and how to actually quilt it - just I'm not not liking it, in fact I like it very much, I just can't decide how to quilt as it would be the first actually quilting I would be doing... so I would join if I can throw in that quilt I very much like .. and don't want to mess up.