Friday, 10 February 2012

On Your Marks, Get Set, Farm!

The Farmer's Wife quilt along is back in action this week, so I thought I would use this post to catch you all up on the blocks I've made during the time off, show off the two blocks I've made this evening and show you a group picture of all 64 - yes 64 - blocks. Yes - I am ahead of schedule!

So first of all, here are the blocks I've made since the beginning of December: First up #76 Sawtooth and #101 Wedding Ring. I had these blocks prepared before the break, and just didn't get them put together due to Christmas stitching. Once all the Christmassy-ness was over I pieced them so I didn't lose any pieces. I was having a bit of a citrus-sy night when I chose the fabrics! I love the green fabric - it makes me think of jigsaws. Mum hates it! So this quilt is safe with me...

While Mum was here over Christmas we got all the blocks out - it was amazing to see them all together. But some blocks didn't work. I will be redoing three blocks in total - two quite straightforward and one not... . We've picked out the new fabrics for these blocks and a few others too. I started off by redoing one of the straightforward blocks #1 Attic Windows. Althought it's not as bright as the original (on the left) I much prefer the one on the right.
Then I tackled a bit of a problem block. I originally started #24 Country Lane back in July. If I'd finished it, it would have only been my fifth or sixth block. But I didn't finish it. It nearly made me give up on te farmer before I'd even started. I hated the fabric combination I had picked and I didn't like the design much. Mum helped me pick out new fabric (the old went in the bin) and I tackled it head on. I still don't like it much.... but it's done and it's not too horrible.When I first started this project I decided that there were two blocks that I wouldn't use in the final quilt - they are two blocks which have an appliqued curving handle on a basket. On a quilt made entirely of straight lines except for these two I felt they stuck out like a sore thumb, so I've been on the look out for alternatives: During January a bit of a Swoon craze took over blog land. The original blocks are 24" finished. In a fit of madness I mentioned on the Flickr group that a 6" version would work as a FW block. So here it is. The individual squares are just 3/4". It was the first block that I didn't foundation piece, and although it was a bit fiddly I am so pleased with it.
I'm really liking this pink fabric at the moment!

And then last week we started up again with the suggestion of posting a picture of all our finished blocks so far. I was at 62 blocks - 64 blocks makes a nice 8x8 collage, so two more blocks were required. Last weekend I prepared this block: #18 Century of Progress. This is another block that has bothered me since day 1 - I just didn't understand the colour placement in the original design. So I've changed it. The colour scheme is a practice for my Tango Challenge piece, which is still very much in the planning stage. Beautifully garish!
(more pink)
Please don't look too closely at the seams - the outer ones are pretty good, but the central one is appalling - I really struggled with the bulk of all the seams at the centre, even after cutting and spreading the seam allowance as much as possible. If I did this one again I would suffer the templates so I could press the seams open - this is one of the disadvantages of foundation piecing.

And then finally, Postage Stamp (#68) - a second block pieced without a foundation. I think my piecing has improved enough in the past 6 weeks that a few more blocks may be pieced by accurately rotary cutting rather than foundation piecing.


So here is my collage of all 64 blocks together (with pretend yellow sashing) - 47 left to go. And I haven't left all of the hard ones to the end (just some of them!).

If you have a bit of spare time, be sure to stop by the Flickr group and check out all of the beautiul blocks that have been posted.

Also, the signup is ready for February's Friday Night Sew In one week today! Have a great weekend (I have two quilts layered up and ready for quilting!)


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Your collage of your farmer's wife blocks look amasing. a huge well done on being ahead to.

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

I love your FW blocks in the bright colors/blacks. So beautiful! I am cutting background fabric for Swoon right now. I love your small version! :)