Sunday, 22 April 2012

Festival of Half Square Triangles: Cushion

There will be lots of photos in this post because I think this is one of my favourite finishes ever!

When Megan announced her Festival of Half Square Triangles I knew it would be a push to get the HST leftovers from Swoon made up into something, so they didn't just sit in a bag in the cupboard for ever. I completed a mug rug from the mini Swoon leftovers on Friday - you can see the post here.

And then I started pressing and trimming the 144 HST units from the main Swoon quilt. I really regretted not doing it as I went along. I nearly gave up.

This morning I finished trimming and went for it. And three hours later I have a beautiful cushion cover.

The fabric is Happy Mochi Yum Yum and the red is Aunt Grace. On the back, the white is Kona bleached white (which it turns out isn't actually white) - I am so pleased with the red top-stitching!

There's nothing ground breaking about the chevrons, and the quilting is simple straight lines. But it's the first time I've quilted anything this densly and I LOVE it. Maybe I should quilt my whole Swoon quilt like this....

I was slightly concerned once I had finished the quilting because the front shrunk by over half an inch. I was working to a cushion insert I already had, and I had already reduced the size of the cover by quite a lot, so it was touch and go whether the finished cover would be a touch too tight. It wasn't - it fits perfectly!!! So lovely and plump, but not too solid.
And I have some more triangles left for another project - I'm eeking as much as possible out of the Happy Mochi Yum Yum that I have!
Hope everyone's enjoying their Sunday. I certainly am!


Anne said...

That's really cute, I love the subtle colors with the bright red. A pillow is something I've never made, maybe some day!

Kristy fordhook1 said...

What a fun pillow, I like it!

Quilting In The Cold said...

Fabulous cushion cover so worth pressing and trimming those HSTs for!

Cherie said...

It looks great! The design was perfect for a pillow =D

Debbie said...

What a lovely cushion! And congrats on your win!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Oh I think I will do the same with my Swoon HSTs. Looks awesome!