Saturday, 21 April 2012

Friday Night Sew In: April

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Last night was Friday Night Sew In. I don't have a great deal to show for it!
I finished off the binding on my HST Mug Rug (you can see the post about that here), and then I stood at my ironing board for over an hour, wishing I had pressed these HST units as I went along. They are the leftovers from my full size swoon - the bits you trim off when making flying geese units. I stitched the seam as I went, but didn't press or trim. They are pressed now. But I need to work up a bit more energy to trim there all - there are far more than I remember and probably enough for two cushion covers, not just the one I had been planning!
Bobbi and Heidi had asked that we use this Friday Night Sew In to make a pillow case for an American charity. I wouldn't be able to get mine there on time, so instead I used the time to make another incubator quilt, which will be donated to the Tiny Lives Charity based at the Royal Victoria Infirmery in Newcastle, who will pass them on to the parents of still born or premature babies. If you'd like to get involved, then you can find more information here. The quilt is just 20x16". I backed it with some Robert Kaufmann flannel, but didn't use any wadding to keep it light, then stitched diagonal lines across it. Don't you just love the sheep?
I then did a little more embroidery on the Vignette Quilt. I'm still on block 2.... miles behind the magazine! But I stil really enjoy it and it's nice to be sat on the sofa and not at the machine sometimes. I'm using Lily and Will by Bunny Hill for Moda - one of favourite fabric ranges ever.
I also worked on a design for the Quilting Mumma mug rug swap, but my partner, Lizzie, and I have both agreed that we want it to be a surprise, so no photos yet!
Hopefully the rest omy weekend will be more fruitful - we have a busy few weekends ahead of us, so sewing time will be limited!


Cherie said...

That does look like a lot of HST's! The little sheep are so cute! Love the embroidery. I've joined the swap and sent of my mug rug =D

Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

The vignette stitchery is so cute! And I am in love with those sheep.. what a cute little blanket. :)

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Hang in there with the Vignette Quilt. It is a HUGE commitment! I love the colors you are working with xx

Anonymous said...

Great quilt with the sheep and I love the version of Vignette with the lily and will range. Going to be so beautiful when it is finished. You have had a very productive FNSI and I admire your work.