Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lilies and Lightning

I've done two more Farmer's Wife blocks today (I have the rest of the week off work) - I really am on a roll. I started off with one that I may have been avoiding! #110 Wood Lily. There were just so many pieces, and the foundation template was nasty - had I followed it there would have been Y-Seams and or partial So I put some brain power into it yesterday and prepared a slightly altered foundation pattern. And today I tackled it head on. And I wasn't wrong to avoid it.
The finished block is really pretty and up there with my favourites, but it was an absolute bugger to make. So many little pieces, lots of bias edges.... and a pucker - luckily the busy fabric means it's not too obvious :)

After that I decided on an easier one for my second block: #92 Streak of Lightning - heaven - no bias edges, no seams to match. Made even better with my gorgeous new turquoise batik.
In other news, I have a bag of fabric somwehere, that I need. I have no idea where I put it when I tidied up for Mum and Dad coming. It is very annoying..... and I have taken a chunk out of my index finger on my right hand (I'm right-handed) in a freak accident with a chair. It hurts, I can't hand sew, typing is interesting and rotary cutting.... Luckily I have another four FW blocks all ready prepped!


Maddy said...

I love your batik fabrics, especially the turquoise one!

aksherry said...

OUCH! Hope your finger gets better. Love the blocks!

Karen M said...

Your FWQ blocks are beautiful. I love your batiks. I am very tempted to start FWQ but I have promised myself that I will NOT begin any new projects when I have so many WIP's. Seeing your blocks is really tempting.