Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tulips and Snowflakes

On Tuesday last week I left work and the temperature reading on my car was 27degrees. I'm sure that was more than reality, but yesterday when I left work it read 3 degrees and it was snowing. What is the weather playing at. The snow didn't settle here in Blyth, and today it is sunny, but still cold and very windy.

I've made four Farmer's Wife blocks this week:

The first was #96 Tulip - it is spring after all! I worked out the rotary cutting because the foundation piecing pattern didn't look very friendly. It went together very quickly. It's not my favourite block, but it's done and I changed colours around so it was less fussy than the version in the book. The blue "vase" is one of my new batiks.

Block #83 Spider Web: this was another of my new batiks. I foundation pieced this one, because of the funny angles. On point it kind of looks like a celtic cross shape. I really like this one.
Block #80 Single Wedding Star: Mum and I picked out the fabrics for this at Christmas and I've finally got round to piecing it. The corners are foundation pieced for accuracy and the rest of the block was rotary cut.
And finally #79 Silver Lane - this is take 2. I originally did this back in October (photos here), but the colours just weren't right and when I laid out all of the blocks together it stuck out. So it had to be redone. Again we picked the fabrics out at Christmas

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