Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Dress [finish]

Back in June I had a momentary lapse in common sense and actually purchased some Art Gallery knits and a pattern for a dress for Mia. I don't quite know what came over it. Maybe it was a slow day at work. I even bought sewing machine needles for knit fabric. I took photos. I added this grand plan to my Finish Along list. And then I lost my bottle.

I can blame this loss of bottle on pregnancy. But the reality it, dressmaking scares me and knit fabrics scare me. And I don't know how to use/find the overlocking options on my Brother machine. And any other excuses I can think of, really. I put the dress on my Finish Along list for this quarter too, and suddenly, a couple of days ago, I just decided to go for it.

I had got as far as printing and cutting out the pattern back in the summer, but when I looked at it, and the measurements in the pattern, I decided to reprint and go up a size to 3T - Mia is only 20 months old, but I couldn't bare the idea of putting in all that work, and it not fitting her. In fact, I got as far as cutting out the pattern pieces from the fabrics with no problem.

The first steps were binding the neckline, quickly followed by binding the sleeves and the tops of the pockets. I confess I found this a bit fiddly. In hindsight, I needed to shift the needle position a couple of clunks to the right when I did the initial basting. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt. I got to use the stretch stitch on my machine!

For the shoulder and side seams I got to use the overlocking function and the overlocking foot for the first time! And it worked.

And the best part: when I showed the finished dress to Mia she said it was "pretty" and we put it on her straight away: she twirled around, admired herself, smiled lots, refused to stand still for photos and din't like it when we had to take it off. It fits, but is a little on the large size, which is what I wanted: it's got plenty of room for her to grow into - she can wear it with a long-sleeved T-Shirt and tights in the winter, and as it is come next summer. Those pockets were quite a pain, but when she found she had pockets she got quite excited! So it was worth it.

I am one chuffed Mummy!

The fabrics are both Art Gallery Knits: Geometric Bliss for the dress and solid in Dark Ocean for the binding. I bought half a meter of each and that was plenty for the dress and I probably have enough of the navy left to make the binding for another two dresses. The pattern is The Play Day Dress by Heidi and Finn and I can highly recommend it - if I can make it, anyone can make it. I could even be tempted to contemplate making myself a dress. I'll go and lie down now until that feeling goes away!

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Lin said...

Well done Jennie - and Mia looks great in it. xx

pennydog said...

Oh hey! Knits are fab to sew- no darts, etc. And no ironing either- win win! If you decide to make for yourself I can thoroughly recommend the Lane Raglan top by Hey June.