Wednesday, 18 November 2015

WIP Wednesday [12 days]

That's how long I have left to get Mia's advent calendar finished... I've been working on it when I have energy, but my latest anti-nausea tablets which "may cause drowsiness" actually send me to sleep for 3.5 hours when I'm not planning to sleep at all... yep - 19 weeks and still sick!

Back to the sewing: I now have completed the central design and I'm working on the text at the top. It's slower going than I anticipated but I'm really happy with how it looks and I'm optimistic that once the embroidery is finished, it will come together quite fast.

The only other sewing I've done this week was revisiting a project I haven't touched since June: Moccasin Block of the Month. The reason I haven't touched it in so long was because I fluffed up the Dresden Plate, making it hugely too big for the 9" block size. I finally got round to re-printing the template and trying again. Success.

I'm now reinvigorated to complete this project, and I've started cutting triangles for the next block.

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Robyn said...

Lovely dresden plates, it's always such a bump in the road when you make a silly mistake. I'm glad you've got it sussed, it's a great colour scheme!

Lin said...

You have done a lot more to the Advent calendar since your last pic. Sorry that you are still not feeling good. xx