Wednesday, 11 November 2015

WIP Wednesday [It's beginning to look just a little bit like Christmas]

For the first time in a few years, I'm really quite excited about Christmas: I think as a child, Christmas is really exciting, but as you get older, some of the magic goes. Now with Mia at an age where she can enjoy Christmas and get involved, the magic is back. Last year I made advent calendars for my niece and nephew and this year I wanted to make one for Mia. But of course it has to be better!

I spent a long time on Pinterest (as I'm prone to do) and couldn't see much that I really liked, or that were special enough. I want this to be an heirloom that gets brought out every year and loved. Then I saw some sneak peaks of a new design from Lilipopo and knew I'd found what I was looking for. Just days after the pattern was released I was ready to start sewing.

I decided to risk rayon threads: I'd bought a handful a few years ago - obviously with a long-forgotten purpose in mind - and hadn't ever used them. I don't have a great relationship with speciality threads but these are remarkably friendly. I finished the girl quite quickly and loved the new stitch - fern stitch - on her dress

The tree has taken a little longer: it's a sampler of different stitches, including some totally new to me. Cross stitch, running stitch and back stitch are all familiar. Open Cretan Stitch was totally new to me and not thoroughly successful, but done. I loved the Jacobean Couching. I've done Herringbone before, but not often, and liked the look of filling the gaps with cross stitch or French knots.

I just have a pile of cushions to stitch which the girl is standing on, and then I've added some words top and bottom to get the embroidery panel the size I need to fit 24 pockets around it. And the Christmas tree needs a trunk and pot!

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Rachel said...

Beautiful embroidery! I have an Ellie, too!

Cut&Alter said...

This is truly beautiful. When it is finished you will certainly have achieved your aim of an heirloom piece. I was making a panel calendar this morning, one I bought 8 years ago!! Whilst it's OK it's not different from anyone else's so I was designing one in my head ..... maybe for next year now!

Valerie said...

I too love having a handmade Advent calendar. Makes it extra special. But, I headed over here mostly to see more of that embroidery. Absolutely gorgeous! I don't know if I'd like stitching with rayon threads either, but the look is just stunning and sparkly--perfect for Christmas. Is this a pattern or your own design? I mean, I don't really need another project, but this is just stunning.

Anne Beier said...

I saw your sampler on WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Wow, how cute and pretty is that!! Since the holidays are on their way, thinking your young lady who is putting the star on the tree is reminding me of the ballet, "The Nutcracker."

Lin said...

Your girl and tree are looking beautiful Jennie. xx