Sunday, 1 November 2015

October [in review]

I found a bit more energy this month and I've actually done some sewing, and God forbid, some finishing.

This month was the first full month of Farmer's Wife blocks - here's my progress so far - I need to get a better picture, but I was struggling with poor weather and poor lighting.

Just this weekend I finally finished the Pink Plusses quilt which has been sitting round as a WIP for far too long.

I made a Sew Together Bag for the Easy UK Swap. I need to share this in its own post, but for now, here's a peak of the inside!

I made a little progress on my My Small World quilt, though part 2 isn't quite finished yet!

And just yesterday I finished sewing down the binding on my final swap before baby - the Schnitzel and Boo mini. I'll share more once it's sent and fingers crossed, I've received.

On the pregnancy front, I'm still suffering from morning sickness and nausea throughout the day. I have some anti-sickness meds, which just send me to sleep! I'm 17 weeks in now - 25 left to go max. And if my last pregnancy is anything to go by, that's another 25 weeks of sickness. In the meantime, we've enjoyed spending some time together as a family of three: we went to see the Poppies at Woodhorn - for the non-Brits this is a sculpture that started off at the Tower of London this time last year to commemorate the lives lost during the First World War 100 year on - there was a poppy for every British and Commonwealth soldier who lost their life. Now a smaller scale piece is travelling the country. Woodhorn is a local colliery museum up here in the North East.

We also couldn't resist a trip to the beach.

That was my October - how was yours. It really is downhill till Christmas now...

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