Monday, 7 November 2016

#100days100blocks [Blocks 71-80]

We're closing in on the end now. I still love making these blocks and sharing their names.

Block 71: Ullswater

This is another favourite spot in the Lake District: Possibly my favourite Lake - definitely in my top three! If you leave Ambleside towards the lake you climb the Kirkstone Pass, known as the Struggle. It's steep and twisty. At the top is the Kirkstone Inn. From there you can look down the other side to Brothers Water. Beyond that, before you let to Ullswater, is a tiny village called Patterdale. This is where my paternal Grandmother was evacuated to during the Second World War.

Block 72: Anniversary

We've been married nine years this year and I  wouldn't swap him. Even when he's being a jerkface!

Block 73: Datchworth

Datchworth is a tiny village in Hertfordshire where my paternal Grandparents use to live. They had a tiny cottage with an enormous garden, which they loved: they had a barn, a caravan, a hot-house type thing for growing peaches, two greenhouses, one with a grape vine in, and a shed each. It was quite a mammoth task to clear everything when they moved!

Block 74: Tommy

This block is for my husband's Grandad - Thomas Usher Wear. In the six months before Mia was born, we lost both of her remaining Great-Grandparents. Three years after we lost him, to the day, we christened Jessica.

Block 75: Jane

For my sister-in-law, who's just a little bit crazy. Though you could describe most of the family like that.

Block 76: Stotfold

Stotfold is the village where my maternal Grandparents, and a lot of my Grandmother's extended family, lived when I was growing up.

Block 77: Letchworth

Letchworth was the world's first Garden City in the 1920s, and the location of Britain's first roundabout! One of the big industries in it's early days was the Spirella company, who made corsetts. Right in the centre of the town is the factory. The owner was incredibly forward-thinking, and on the top floor, he built a ballroom for his workers. The factory was redeveloped into small commercial units, but the ballroom remains and it's where we had our wedding reception nine years ago.

Block 78: Granny Joy

My paternal Grandmother. She wasn't a get-down-on-the-floor-an-play-games kind of Granny, but it's from her that I get my love of sewing. She passed away not long after Tommy, just before Mia was born. I gave the eulogy at her funeral, and shared it here on my blog as well. The photo of us in that post is from our wedding in the Spirella building!

Block 79: Poppet

It's all about Grandparents, this post. My maternal Grandad use to call me Poppet. I use to hate it. And he knew it! So he did it more!

Block 80: Henry Max

I became an Aunty again: Henry is my brand new baby nephew and shares his name with the Grandad who called me Poppet!

See you in 10 days!