Friday, 18 November 2016

#100days100blocks [Blocks 81-90]

Our penultimate trip into the crazy world of 100 things about Jennie!

Block 81: Aunty Mary

This is for my husband's Great Aunt, Aunty Mary. She is the sister of Aunty Margaret, whose block can be found at number 27!

Block 82: Pyjama Day

Because that is exactly what we had on the day of this block. Every so often, you just need to slob out for the day and not bother. It was lovely!

Block 83: Grandad Tom

This is for my paternal Grandfather. He was actually called Eric, but with the surname Thomas, he'd been known as Tom forever. He was the grandparent I know least about, but he loved woodworking and built us our wendy house at the bottom of the garden. Michael's Grandad was also called Thomas (his block is #74).

Block 84: Sampler Quilts

In case you hadn't noticed I have a bit of an addiction... the quilts I'm working on with this hashtag #100days100blocks is just the tip of the iceberg!

Block 85: Princesses

We're a big fan: Jasmine, Elsa, Anna, Ariel, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle....

Block 86: Rob and Michaela

This is a block for my brother and his wife.

Block 87: Family Tree

I have never really researched my family tree myself, but other family members have, so I know a little. I would love to investigate further one day. I found that having children made me more interested in where I came from.

Block 88: Vicky and Karl

This block is for Michael's cousin, Vicky and her husband Karl.

Block 89: Teething

Life at the moment is all about the teeth: Jess now has two!

Block 90: Spoons

So when this crazy family I married into get together, they play spoons. It's the most competitive, vicious, hilarious game I have ever seen. The basic "rules" ( a loose term) are that you have four playing cards dealt to you, and you pass a single card on the count of three (one of the Great Aunts often takes on the role of counter and referee) to the person next to you. This keeps happening until one person has four of a kind. That person then grabs a spoon from the centre of the table and everyone else does the same as quickly as possible. But there is one spoon fewer than the number of players. The person with no spoon is out. Loser! And this goes on until one person is left standing. With a spoon. I have seen my husband on one end of a spoon and his best friend's sister on the other end, dragging each other around the living room, as each refused to concede the spoon. I have also seen her fiancee and my brother-in-law on each end of a spoon, at a wedding - one dragged the other through a bamboo plant... he was literally dragged through a hedge backwards. But he didn't go! We are all totally bonkers!

See you again for a final instalment!

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Archie the wonder dog said...

Spoons sounds like fun. And sightly dangerous!