Monday, 21 November 2016

Goodnight [A Finish]

On a roll with the finishes at the moment! I finished this last week, but it's taken me until the weekend to combine weather and daylight to get some photographs. I tried to convince my little helper to hold the quilt, but it didn't quite work!

Anyway: this is a quilt I started back in July at a wonderful workshop with Sarah Fielke hosted by the lovely ladies at Simply Solids in Huddersfield. You can read all about the workshop here - suffice to say it was the hottest day of the year in a room where the large windows didn't open!

I had grand plans at the start of the day of a full quilt, but the reality was that the technique ate low volume fabric just a bit too quickly for my liking. I stuck with the single word I made on the day and knew that I was never going to get any further. I added a bit more background and quilted it up.

A bit of purple binding and I have a finish. It's 36" x 12" and might end up on Jessica's bedroom wall.

This is a Finish Along finish. You can find my original list here.


Anthea said...

Great work there Jennie! May the word be an inducement to good sleeping for Mia... if she doesn't already!

Lin said...

I like it! Mia camera shy!! xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's gorgeous! And congratulations on the finish!

Leanne said...

I love it and especially love the quilting! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.