Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ugly Sweater [a Pincushion]

There's a bit of an ugly Christmas Sweater thing going on over on Instagram. I didn't pay it much attention to start with. And then I kept seeing it pop up. I checked out the pattern. Decided I didn't love it enough to pay £5. But I kept seeing it and thinking about it. So today I happily paid my £5 and made one straight away!

This is now the world's largest Christmas pincushion! The penguin fabric was something I received in a swap somewhere along the line. I didn't have much, but managed to cut out the front of the jumper, and the full backing square for the pincushion. The green for the sleeves doesn't quite much but #sewmystash2016 ! And you can't beat red polka dots, can you? 

I didn't really intend to make any more of these... but it's the perfect size to add into the Splendid Sampler as a replacement for one of the blocks I'm not so keen on - perhaps not a Christmassy themed one though. And I do have a snowman print from the same range as the penguins, so perhaps I'll make another Christmassy one too!

This project was just too quirky to pass up! There are loads more if you search the hastag #uglysweaterblock. The pattern is by @kidgiddy.


pennydog said...

I felt the same too about buying the pattern but the blocks finish up so cute I made some to be pieced onto stockings.... work in progress.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Seems like an expensive pattern, but maybe it took a lot of designing? I love your version but didn't know there was a snowman print from the same line! (Do you happen to know what the line is called? Someone asked me on ig and I haven't a clue!)