Saturday, 19 November 2016

Inside Addition [A Finish]

This is a Finish Along repeat offender! But finally I can tick it off the list. I started these blocks last summer (as in summer 2015) on a whim. I had very little plan other than each block had a warm colour and cool colour - with purple muddying the water a little!

I had originally thought a cushion would be a good idea, then I realised they could make a baby quilt, then I realised just how many blocks I would need to make a baby quilt, then I added in the blank alternate squares. At no point in that whole process did I love it. And at times I hated it. I finished the quilt top this summer, and hated it. So it sat on a shelf.

Then my husband said two things in different conversations: firstly, two of his work colleagues were expecting babies, and secondly that he quite liked the quilt. Sorted. I found a backing in my stash, layered it up, quilted a cross hatch, bought some aqua for the binding and it was finished in just a few days.

And I have to confess that now it is done, I like it a little bit more. I've thought a lot about why I don't like it - I don't want to make the same mistake again. And I think it's because whilst I have no problem with scrappy quilts, which this is, I like my scraps to be in rainbow order. Or at least have some order. And this quilt has no order at all!

The quilt finishes at 40" x 45" and is made entirely from stash fabrics - even the white was something that I had left over.

This is a Finish Along finish - you can find this quarter's list here.

2016 FAL


Unknown said...

Wonderful quilt. What an adventure you have had making it, thanks for sharing.

Lin said...

A finish is a finish Jennie and I am sure it will be loved. xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Glad you're a bit more fond of it now! Congratulations on the finish!