Tuesday, 7 February 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 5]

Still in love with this project... a big change this week was my hoop size. I started with a 6" hoop and realised I was filling it too fast, so I moved up to an 8" hoop this week. I can't go any bigger as that's the limit of the fabric I cut, but it's given me loads more room to play with

Monday, 30th January: Some moer Palestrina Stitch. This time I used a slightly paler green thread to further divide the space around the bullion knot wheel. It's hard to see the difference in green in the photo from the big Palestrina swirl I did last week.

Tuesday, 31st January: Dark purple backstitch, just to highlight the space near the centre. I had originally planned to fill the entire space with dark purple back stitch, but after going round once, I think that would be too heavy, so I need to rethink my plan for that area.

Wednesday, 1st February: Pale green backstitch infill. I used my new thread (see below) to infil a section around the bullion knot wheel. It looks a bit scruffy if I'm honest.

Thursday, 2nd February: A new swirl of lime green chain stitch!

Friday, 3rd February: I added blue blanket stitch to yesterday's chain stitch. I know "blue and green should not be seen" and all that, but I love them together.

Saturday, 4th February: I branched out with a new stitch: interlaced cable chain stitch. It's that rectangular area in green bottom left. I like how it turned out, though if I did it again, I would make the cable chain stitches smalled. But cable chain is something I'm going to try again.

Sunday, 5th February: a pink arc of palestrina stitch across the top of my hoop.

And the exciting news this week was some new reels of thread! This is half...

The two reels on the left were ordered as purples, but in real life they are very pinky which was a little disappointing. I may have to order some more...

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Lin said...

Looking great Jennie - love the new threads. xx