Thursday, 2 February 2017

APQ Resolution [February project]

Yesterday was the first of the month and the reveal day for the project number for February. Number 8. Oh dear... this is very much an unloved project. Here's its sad little story:

Back in 2013 I finished piecing my original Farmer's Wife quilt. I made it from batiks and used black throughout as my background colour. I took it down with me when I went to visit my parents so my Mum could help baste it. Whilst there my Uncle visited. Never have I seen anyone appreciate a quilt so much. He spent over an hour studying it and just simply enjoying it. It was really wonderful to see.

When someone enjoys a quilt that much, they definitely deserve a quilt of their own. He was drawn to the batik fabrics in particular because of the colours and the depth - a feature I love about them, though I have to say that I rarely use batiks these days. I keenly started another black and batik sampler quilt, and then just as keenly, moved on to other things. The last time I worked on this quilt was May 2014.

Here are the nine blocks I did manage to completed...

They are all drawn from the book "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" and are 6" finished. I need 72 in total. I've re-evaluated the quilt today and the reality is that if this project is going to get finished any time soon (let alone this month), the blocks I pick need to be rotary cut, rather than foundation pieced or hand pieced. And Y-seams can stay away too. I've been through the book and identified the blocks that make the cut, and I'm going to top them up with some of the blocks I've enjoyed most from last year's #365 project.

Come back at the end of the month when I hope I have a few more blocks to share with you.

The APQ resolution is organized over at All People Quilt: at the start of the year I picked twelve of my lingering WIPS and listed them in no particular order. Each month a number is chosen and that is the project of the month.

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