Monday, 27 February 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 8]

We fell back in love this week. Partly because I changed my approach. Instead of adding more and move curved lines echoing the one's I'd done before, I bravely stitched into the virgin edges of the hoop. And I love how just one line of stitching can open up so many possibilities. Here she is at the end of week 8.

Monday, 20th February: Laced Arrow Head stitch (bottom right) in green and laced with pink (which it turns out just makes it look brown).

Tuesday, 21st February: Straights stitch in green around that swirl that I wasn't loving. It became blanket stitch as I emerged from the swirl, but this is the one piece of stitching from this week that I'm not happy with and I may go back and redo it.

Wednesday, 22nd February: Feathered chain stitch in blue (far right).

Thursday, 23rd February: Heart in blue using a variation on lazy daisy stitch. I didn't have much time on Thursday so I moved forward what I had planned to do on the 24th. This heart is for Mia who was three on Friday.

Friday, 24th February: A combination of yellow cross stitches and mustard/gold French knots to try and improve that section on the far left. I think it worked.

Saturday. 25th February: Two rows of green blanket stitch interlinking with each other (top centre, vertically). Love the look of this combination.

Sunday, 26th February: Twisted chain stitch in yellow (top right). After so long stitching chain stitch and carefully avoiding the twist, I struggled to find my rhythm with this stitch. Stitching the line wonky and having to unpick and do it all again gave me plenty of practice, however. And it's definitely a stitch I will be revisiting.

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