Monday, 13 February 2017

#1yearofstitches [Week 6}

Another week, more stitches, still in love with this project, though increasingly crippled by indecision at the moment!

Monday 6th February: yellow stem stitch to create the swirl bottom right

Tuesday 7th February:orange palestrina stitch to improve the swirl bottom right.

Wednesday 8th February: pink chain stitch - still trying to improve the swirl.

Thursday 9th February: round blanket stitch on the far left in aqua.

Friday 10th February: Laced Persian Star Stitch - the square-ish aqua/blue thing in the middle. I quite like it, but I need some practice.

Saturday 11th February: Gold stem stitch to surround the Persian star - with a little loop!

Sunday 12th February: Yellow chain stitch on the far left to start developing that area, as I can't decide how to continue in the centre.

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Anthea said...

Wow coming along so beautifully Jennie... well done!