Wednesday, 8 January 2014

City Sampler [final blocks]

If you're bored of seeing these little blocks then the end is in sight - these are the last 11 blocks! There will still be posts on my dislike of sashing and my disappointment that I can't quilt like Angela Walters, but these are the last of just blocks!

Block 90: Spoons: This is our traditional family Christmas game - it is very competitive and injuries are common...the "rules":

If you have ten people you take a pack of playing cards and pull out aces through to 10s and discard the rest. Shuffle and deal - 4 cards to everyone. Place 9 spoons in the middle and make sure no one is edging closer.... on the count of three everyone passes a card to the left and the aim is to get 4 cards of a single number. When you do, you dive for a spoon, everyone else notices you dive for a spoon and does the same and one person ends up with no spoon - generally after rolling round the floor with a person on each end of a single spoon... the person without a spoon is out. Continue, removing a set of four matching cards and a spoon each time. Flesh wounds are normal

The fabrics are Benartex Sweethearts, Art Gallery Floral Elements, Kona Dusty Peach and a marbled peach fabric from my stash.

Block 91: Rhubarb and Custard: this block uses some scraps from my Rhubarb and Custard quilt which I finally finished last year and is waiting to be hung on the wall in Baby's nursery.

The fabrics are Benartex Sweethearts, Kona Wine, and Architextures cross hatch in peach.

Block 92: Granddad Reeds: for my maternal Grandfather.

The fabrics are Bohemian Soul from Art Gallery, Cherry Christmas and Pearl Bracelets.

Block 93: Benji: the last family member to get a block - Michael's cousin.

The fabrics are a batik, Kona Chatreuse and Kona Turquoise.

Block 94: Ms MacBeth: During the Second World War my Grandmother and her mother moved to Patterdale in the Lake Distric where my Great Grandmother was house keeper to Ms Macbeth. She had been a contemporary of Rennie MacIntosh at the Glasgow School of Art and was known for her embroidery.

The fabrics are Art Gallery Nordika, Kona Mint and a dark red from Makower.

Block 95: Dinner with friends: I have quite a few dinner and lunch dates over the next few days. I will probably over do it in the process but I will certainly enjoy myself!

The fabrics are Kona Cerise, Kona Dk Violet and a pink print that I don't know the name of.

Block 96: The Undateables: for my husband's friends who spend most Saturday evenings playing board games and watching films at our house. I may have to find a new name for them soon....

The fabrics are Reminisce from Art Gallery, Pearl Bracelets in peach and Kona Leaf.

Block 97: Getting Closer: both to the end of the blocks and my pregnancy....

The fabrics are Serenity from Riley Blake, a red from Makower and Kona Emerald.

Block 98: Pretty fabric and plans: A new year means new projects and all of my projects have lots of pretty fabric!

The fabrics are Acacia, Pearl Bracelets and Kona Lavender.

Block 99: Nap Time: Already important, I think this will become even more important over the next few months!

The fabrics are Beatrice Weave, Kona Brt Pink and Kona Wisteria.

And finally Block 100: Conclusion: the final block. But still a long way to go before this is a finished quilt!

The fabrics are Serenity by Riley Blake, Kona Lipstick and a random red fabric!

Here are all 100 blocks all together.

I now need to lay them all out in the Gridlock layout, do any shuffles and then...I have the sashing fabric and the backing fabric and the wadding, but there is still a way to run with this project!


scraphappy said...

Congratulations! You must be in the "good" part of your pregnancy, when you are full of energy and nesting. What a beautiful quilt you will have, even if it isn't quilted like Angela Walters.

Kwiltzbystephanie said...

Oh my gosh! BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing the blocks - they look stunning!

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Your blocks are beautiful! Congratulations on this accomplishment!

Anita said...

Wow! That's a lot of work! Good for you on getting all your blocks finished.