Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Eve with the City

The City Sampler that is. If you are getting bored of these posts with lots of little blocks, then fear not - after this one I have just 11 more blocks to complete! Then my favourite part - the sashing. Not.

So, whilst my Hubby and his friends played Settlers of Catan and Resistance and drank a disgusting looking type of Port from Moldova (!) I sat at my sewing machine and put together 13 of these blocks and played with another quilt top - and I managed a nap!

Block 77: Letchworth: Letchworth is the UK's first Garden City, built in the early 20th Century and home to the UK's first roundabout! It is also the home to Letchworth Morris Men - my Dad has been part of the side since before I was born. And we had our wedding reception in the Spirella Ballroom in Letchworth. SPirella was the name of the corsett factory in the town and the owner was very forward thinking and on the top floor of the factory he built a ballroom for his staff. It was fairly recently refurbished and is a truly lovely venue.

The fabrics are a batik, Art Gallery Oval Elements, Kona Peony and Kona Burgundy.

Block 78: Granny Joy: A block for my paternal Grandmother who we lost in November this year.

The fabrics are a random purple fabric I picked up at Harrogate and Kona Magenta.

Block 79: Poppet: when I was little my maternal Granddad always called me Poppet!

The fabrics are a batik, Pearl Bracelets, Kona Cyan and Kona Regatta.

Block 80: Maternity Leave: My last day in the office was 20th December, but it hasn't yet sunk in that I don't have to go back after Christmas!

The fabrics are Lecien Sweet Broderie, Kona Peony and Kona Ruby.

Block 81: Four Hills: I love watching skiing and especially the ski jumping. The new year period is the time of the Four Hills Tournament. I can't wait for the Winter Olympics!

The fabrics are Acacia and Kona Navy.

Block 82: Just like her Dad: We had another scan yesterday and she was showing some traits that make me think she's taking after her father: big feet (!) and when the nurse was trying to check the pulse through the cord, she kept punching where the ultrasound wand was! Awkward little monster!

The fabrics are Acacia and Kona Tulip.

Block 83: Granddad Tom: this is a block for my paternal Grandfather who passed away when I was about 14 or 15.

The fabrics are Saltwater from Tula Pink and Kona Medium Grey.

Block 84: Teddy Bears: My paternal Grandmother collected teddy bears and I have recently inherited some of them including one she made herself from mohair - he's called Oakley. My husband really doesn't understand my love of teddy bears!

The fabrics are Noteworthy from Sweetwater and Kona Papaya.

Block 85: New Year 2014: I thought this might have been the last block in 2013, but once I'd made it there was still half an hour to go, so I made a few more. I love how quickly these blocks go together once all the fabrics are cut!

The fabrics are a print from Kate Spain, Kona Purple and a unidentified pink fabric from my stash.

Block 86: Rob and Michaela: this is for my little brother and his Fiancee - we're looking forward to the wedding next September. Mint green seems to be one of her favourite colours.

The fabrics are a batik, Kona Mint and Kona Sprout.

Block 87: Family Tree: the combination of losing some grandparents and looking forward to becoming parents ourselves has made us think about our family tree. We've been looking for inspiration for baby names and thinking about those who Baby will never meet, but who have shaped us. Members of the family have researched in great detail my maternal Grandfather's family tree and my paternal Grandmother's family tree, but the remaining two grandparents' history is more of a mystery. One day, when I have time....

The fabrics are Saltwater, Kona Schoolbus and Kona Wine.

Block 88: Vicky and Karl: Vicky is my cousin-in-law and Karl is her fiance - another wedding next summer! This was my final block for 2013.

The fabrics are a batik, Art Gallery Pure Elements and Kona Brt Peri.

Block 89: Christmas 2013: My first block for 2014, finished just after the fireworks on the Thames and in the pub garden next door!
The seams are straight really
The fabrics are a Snowflake fabric from Studio E, Kona Ruby and Pearl Bracelets.

The remaining 11 won't take very long.... I am a little bit addicted at the moment. And I reckon if I can get the blocks completed soon, the room we will use for the nursery is currently empty as we wait for a plasterer, so I can use that to lay them all out!

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soscrappy said...

What a busy yo e you have had making all those blocks! Looks like you will be done before you know it! Even if the sashing isn't the fun part, having a finished quilt is so worth it!