Sunday, 19 January 2014

False Alarm

It's just been one of those weeks. I felt great on Tuesday! The first day in over a week when I hadn't had morning sickness. I whipped up four blocks for a baby quilt, working from nothing more than a photo. Wednesday was pretty good too. And Thursday started pretty well. I managed to add sashing to the blocks I'd made and then we visited a new-to-us patchwork shop. Of course it would have been rude not to buy anything! We had lunch out. I got home and had a nap. Then we had parenting class... by this point I was feeling very uncomfortable... I didn't eat much tea.

At 1.30am, still very uncomfortable and getting pains, I threw up. Apparently one of the early signs of labour. Hmmm.... was I? Wasn't I? A question easily answered when my husband started throwing up too - he certainly wasn't in labour. I guess it was just a sickness bug!

Despite still being pregnant, it got me thinking - there are a number of things I/we really need to get done before Madam decides to make an appearance. The nursery, for example! It is at least now painted and this week we will be building the furniture and getting it all set up. My bag to take into hospital with me. I think I have everything I need to put into the bag. I'm just lacking a bag. I'm not sure carrier bags are quite what they have in mind when they say "pack a bag".

And there are some sewing things too. I'm making a quilt for Baby. Back in November an EPP quilt seemed like a good idea. It is no less a good idea now, and I'm really enjoying the pattern and I love the idea that love is going into every stitch (more so than with machine piecing). But I'm still five blocks to go (two are basted and ready to piece - maybe this evening) then borders (with a tiny but of applique), then quilting......

I really want to finish sharing my Thread Along quilt before Baby arrives, and I made real headway yesterday with the November block, and I embroidered the December block too, so the end is in sight!

But for today the priority has been the Siblings Together Bee. I still haven't tackled the January block, but I am Queen Bee for February - great timing - I committed to February a month before I found out I was pregnant (but I already was). So today I put together my example blocks.

I've picked a traditional block design called Love in the Mist - the tutorial is here. I love this block - I used for the Christmas table-runners I made. This time it's the full 12" size as shown in the instructions and there is no "background" colour! So girls - please could you all make me two blocks in different colours - so long as there is a contrast between the colours, the block should work! I cut each of my squares from a different fabric from my stash or scraps and I'm hoping this will make the quilt a riot of colour - it may hurt my eyes!


Diane-crewe said...

maybe you should sort out yourself AND THE BAG.. then sort out your other projects xx blocks look good by-the-way xx

Leanne said...

I hope you have packed that bag now, once it was packed (and a carrier sack will work) it suddenly felt much calmer for me. You will have time to get all organized, either before or after the baby arrives, I am sure.