Saturday, 25 January 2014

More scraps and my next project

In my last post you may have noticed that the pile of scraps I was playing with did not just contain green and orange, which I used for my Kindle case, but also purple, pink, grey and turquoise.... these had a different purpose.

More improv piecing, but more controlled - I did this before I did the green and orange as a gentle introduction for non-improv brain. I made two panels. and trimmed to 4.5" x 6" and using the instructions for the prettified pincushion (am I the only one who thinks it says petrified ever time I look at it?) from the Patchwork Please book I made myself a new pincushion.

The top and bottom are all scraps and the sides are a text  print from Architextures. My corners aren't perfect but I'm pretty pleased with the finished item. It's ticked a lot of boxes - scraps, new pincushion, pretty, text print....
This is my favourite side!

This evening is about finishing piecing the baby quilt - all of the blocks are pieced and I now just need to put the blocks together. I picked up some light peach perle thread for the hand quilting yesterday.

And I've already started planning my next EPP project because I've enjoyed this one so much!


scraphappy said...

So many pretty scrap projects. Looks like the baby quilt is coming along nicely. Such a pretty pattern for a baby.

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

I love making things from scraps. The pincushion looks lovely and big! You can put a lot of pins on this one! Stars look very sweet for a baby!