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Citrus Hexies [a Finish]

I'm cutting it fine, but here is another Finish Along finish. And this is one that's been hanging around for a while: three and half years ago I started piecing green, yellow, orange and pink hexagons together with no real plan in mind. Every so often, I pulled it out of it's zippy case and added  few more hexies. At the start of this quarter I had quite the blob.

Time to make a plan, and a cushion is always a good plan. So I added a few more hexies and got bored again. I pulled it out just after Christmas and squared it up, measured it, added a few more rows. Decided it would be a small cushion!

I quilted it up and added the backing this evening. I have to admit that the backing fabric was a major reason to get it finished - I saw this in a local quilt shop and would love to have bought enough to back a whole quilt. But I don't have a quilt in those colours. Just this cushion. Maybe I need to start a quilt to match the backing fabric?

And here it is. I struggled to get a true picture of the colours - this is a bit washed out - it's really very bright in reality.

Despite being a little over-exposed (I think that's the technical term) except for that centre hexy, this is probably the best picture for colour.

It's very bright. And it's already been claimed. She has a bit of a thing for cushions!

It finished at 13" x 13". The 3/4" hexies are pieced by hand, and the straight line quilting is done by machine using a rather vicious 40w bright yellow thread from Aurifil.

This is a Finish Along finish - you can find my original list here.

2016 FAL

I'm also going to link up to Scraptastic Tuesday next week with Nicky and Leanne as all of these hexies came from my scrap box over the years.
Scraptastic Tuesday


A great use of a "blob" - a smiling face to boot!!! Thank you for sharing and for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts. We hope to see you in the 2017 FAL.
Anonymous said…
The colours are very vibrant. Great choice.
Nicky said…
Great scrappy cushion and wonderful that it has been claimed! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

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