Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Finish Along [Q1 Plans]

2017 will be my sixth year participating in the Finish Along. I find that absolutely incredible. And scrolling through my blog posts I count 112 finishes tagged with the Finish Along! I have no intention of counting how many items I put on the lists that weren't finished though, and I know for a fact that quite a number of those quilts appeared on my lists multiple times! Nevertheless, I find the support from the Finish Along absolutely vital to get me finishing all those projects I love to start!

New year, new list. Here are my plans for Q1:

My Small World is first up for the APQ Resolution project: I still have quite a lot of handquilting to go, but I bought some binding so I'm looking to bring this one to a conclusion.

Mia's Big Girl Quilt: I made really good progress on this last quarter, finishing all the blocks and deciding on the next step. But that next step is sashing - which I loathe. Originally I had planned for this to be a Christmas present for her, but she had so much stuff... so the new plan is a birthday present - due end of February.

Modern Building Blocks baby quilt: I made really good progress on this last quarter with the help of an Instagram quilt along. I just need to get it over the line. Baby was born last week so I best get cracking.

 EJ Plus Quilt: this is one of those projects with no real purpose... I just love the idea and the blocks are simple and quick. I need to list it here otherwise it won't ever get finished, but it may appear on a few more quarters before it finally gets ticked off.

The Marcelle Medallion quilt which I started a few years ago has bit the dust. I just want to do something with the centre block. Maybe a cushion?

City Sampler: the original one is still unfinished - I chose some pretty ambitious quilting and made some progress, but not enough. My newly serviced machine should happily make some more progrses and I really should get this finished before finishing the more recent City Sampler quilts...

#100days100blocks: Lap Quilt: I loved piecing these blocks. I know how I want to quilt it. Sadly I have to piece all the sashing first. I hate sashing.

#100days100blocks: Vicky and Karl's Quilt... more sashing. That is all.

#100days100blocks: Baby quilt. And more sashing.

Fireworks Quilt: I started this quilt so, so long ago with a friend in mind. It's never made it to the top of the priority lost. Her breast cancer diagnosis is sadly the shove it needed.

You've seen this next one before: on every list since forever. The aspen glow quilt. And I still don't have a better photo!

Cozy Little Quilt: I made this up last year, with no purpose - just cause it looked like fun. It was a great use of some of the Les Fleurs fabrics I had picked up. I decided to make it into a toddler quilt - I can picture Mia putting her dollies in the armchairs. I've ordered a large piece of the large-scale floral print - it's on back order and I'm hoping the order doesn't fall through. If it does, then back to the drawing board.

#365QuiltChallenge quilt: this is an unknown. It's now fully pieced (reveal soon), but I'm planning on having it long-arm quilted. So it will entirely depend on the long-armer I pick and how long their waiting list is. The block above was the final block of the year and a total stinker!

Moccasin Dresden: this was on the list last quarter - and this is the photo from last quarter too, and I made some progress - I started the applique and the quilting and I'm going to make this into ahoop for Jessica's bedroom wall. Decision made. The hoop is ordered.

Blue, pink and yellow: I made this block because I like it. That was it's only purpose. And as such it remains unfinished. I think I might use it as the centre of a medallion quilt for Mia's dolly's. With that decision made, and The Modern Medallion Workbook received for Christmas, this may see some progress.

Bath time embroidery and Balloons embroidery: these are no different to when you last saw them: prepped and ready for embroidery... Mia moved into her new room back in October, but the hoops I made for her are still hanging in what is now Jessica's room. I need to move the hoops over, and make some new ones for Jess.

Mini half-hexies: another project started on a whim with no real plan. But, having tripped over something on Facebook the other day, I now know where this is going. I can't wait to share it with you.

ABC embroidery: I couldn't decide whether to add this to the list or not, because I'm really, really enjoying the process - I haven't done any in a while, but you know... Just in case the urge takes me to finish it up, I shall list it here. I'm still not sure how I'll finish this one off.

I also have two quilt kits that I need to work on: a woodland quilt for a friend's baby

And a Little Red Riding Hood doll for Jessica.

Coral Queen of the Sea Fabric Panel

And a mermaid doll for Mia - I've borrowed the image from Threads and Patches because my Dad only picked it up for me today!

And some repeats from last quarter are my Water melon and strawberry mini quilt. I think if there is no progress on them this quarter then the chances are they won't ever get done. But the fabric is cut.

I have two half-started zippy pouches to finish too: the first uses some skull fabric my husband bought me for Christmas and the second has a bit of a Harry Potter theme! I've marked quilting lines on with a Hera marker but there was no way they are showing up in a photo!

That an ambitious 26 projects! Wish me luck!


Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Unbelievable how many projects you have. And...I like them all. Wonder which ones you manage to finish!

Sarah said...

Wow you really have done well with FAL as motivator so far. I hope you have similar finishing success this quarter!

Judy @ Sew Some Sunshine said...

Lots of great projects, love the city sampler quilt!

Archie the wonder dog said...

112 FAL finishes? Wow!!!

Good luck with your list!