Thursday, 26 July 2012


Yesterday I had planned to continue sewing on the binding on my Swoon quilt. Plans don't always come to be. Linda came over with a couple of quilts she was struggling with, so we did a deal. Hand stitching binding isn't my favourite thing in the world, so Linda took over that and I moved her quilts forward.

First up was a quilt all in greys.

We layered it up last week, with polyester wadding and a shiny cotton fabric. All that meant was that when Linda tried to straight line quilt it, it moved and puckered and was generally unhelpful! Her machine is smaller than mine and she was struggling to get the quilt through the harp spaceon her machine. I tried one line, got cross with the puckering, and pulled it all out and went for an all over stipple - it seemed to be easier and the layers moved about less. Except for the part when it folded on itself and got caught  up on the back and I had to unpick a load. And the time when the thread has a not in the middle of it straight off the reel. You live and learn. But I will never use polyester wadding again (I think I've said that before - but I've now said it Linda too!).

Second up was a quilt we layered on Sunday. It's a pre-printed children's panel for Linda's cousin's great-grandson, Frankie, who was born a couple of weeks ago.

Linda had quilted along the lines with a wiggle-y stitch and she convinced me to do the binding for her. I used my machine to stitch it on to the back and then top stitched it on the front. This went much smoother.

And I only have a quarter of the Swoon binding left to stitch.


Cherie said...

Great looking quilts! Loving the alphabet quilt! =D

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Lovely alphabet quilt, such bright colours.