Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sneaky Peaky

On Friday I started quilting Swoon and on Sunday I finished quilting Swoon.

In order to cut down a little on cost, I backed the quilt with a good quality white sheet. It should have cost £60, but as a slight second cost only £13. The reason for the slight second, was a small mark, that will eventually be covered by the quilt label.

I did all my quilting in red thread, back and front and I love the look of the back - here are some sneak peaks - I'll show you more once it's bound!


Cherie said...

The red thread gives it such a cool effect! I'll be looking forward to the reveal =D

Quilting In The Cold said...

That quilting looks gorgeous!!

Nic said...

The red was def the perfect choice. Love how the back looks and the sections of negative space