Saturday, 21 July 2012

Quilty quilty quilty

When I have had time to breathe this week I have been quilting quilting and more quilting! Swoon was quilted up last weekend and today I finished quilting my Oh My Stars quilt top. I quilted it the same way as Swoon - a tight stipple in the background, leaving the feature fabrics in the stars to jump out of the quilt. Here are some more sneaky peakies!

I plan to get both quilts fully bound by next weekend, and then take them down to Mum and Dad's in a week and a half to get some full photos in the back garden: they are way too big to photograph indoors.

Now to do some piecing!


aksherry said...

You are speeding right along!!!

Karen M said...

Congratulations on two finishes! Wow. I am anxious to see the photos.

Cherie said...

That does look like an awful lot of quilting! Loving the sneak peaks =D

Quilting In The Cold said...

Another lovely lot of quilting! It looks great.