Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jumping in - FNSI July

On Thursday I posted my third quarter goals. There was quite a bit of quilting on that list! So I took the opportunity of yesterday's Friday Night Sew In to make a start. And I jumped right in with quilting my Swoon quilt. At 90"x90" it isn't small, but my machine, and me, seem to be coping ok - though I seem to be going through needles pretty quickly - must pick up more tomorrow.

It's difficult to photograph well, but here we go:

I'm doing a small scale stipple in all of the red areas. I'll leave the patterned pieces in the Stars unquilted and this really makes those beautiful Happy Mochi Yum Yum fabrics pop!

I started again this evening with a new needle and I've only done an hour more quilting and that has been the life of another needle. I'm not sure I should be going through them that quickly.

Although this picture is quite dark and doesn't show the colours at all well, you can see the quilting in it! I'm using a red Aurifil thread for the quilting, back and front - the back is a good quality white sheet, so you'll really be able to see the pattern of the quilting from the back. I hope I don't regret that choice!

Today and tomorrow is a small quilt show at our local quilt shop - I have, of course, been inspired with a new project and have, of course, taken the oppotunity of 10% off to buy the fabrics for it - it's only a small project - honest - watch this space :)


Cherie said...

The quilting looks great! Maybe you need some stronger needles? =D

Karen M said...

Are your needles breaking? How could you be going through needles so fast. Something is wrong.

Jennifer Wingard said...

Hmmm...I never go through needles like that. Are you using a needle for heavy-weight fabric? Using a finer needle, I could understand it dulling quickly, but for a heavy gauge needle, it shouldn't be giving up on you that fast.

Lovely quilt, by the way. I'm here via FNSI.

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

I like the quilt, looks great.

Nic said...

Your quilt looks great.
And I love your justification for a new project and fabric. I've bought and started stuff on much much thinner pretexts :)

Gemini Jen NZ said...

You won't regret a thing - your quilt is looking marvellous! Good job!