Sunday, 22 July 2012


Have you seen all of the polaroid inspired blocks around recently - like this one, and this one? I really like the idea of an I-Spy quilt using this idea, but my stash isn't the biggest, nor my fabric the best for this type of quilt. Then I came across this Flickr group.

You make as many polaroid blocks as you fancy, send them off, and get back the same number in return! How simple is that! I've been through my stash and pulled out 25 prints that would work, and I'm making two blocks from each fabric - one for me to keep and one to send off. I plan on raiding Linda's stash later this week - she has far better fabrics for this than I do!

If you want to join in, there's still time before the blocks have to be sent - check out the Flickr group for all of the information!

So as well as making up the blocks, I've been making binding - metres and metres of it.

The darker blue roll is now attached to the Oh My Stars quilt ready to be hand sewn down. The red and white one needs to be attached to Swoon and the turquoise one needs to be attached to Joshua's quilt, just as soon as it's quilted - I did get it layered up today with some help from Linda.

In other news, my nose is getting in the mood for the Olympics and could have won gold in the marathon three times over the amount it's been running today! Joy!


Debbie said...

awesome blocks! so glad you're enjoying the swap!

Cherie said...

What great looking blocks! Neat idea to keep a set for yourself too =D

Ada Kopitopoulou said...

Lovely blocks. Will become a very happy quilt.