Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Reveal 1: Joshua's Quilt

So we got some sun at the weekend. I just lacked a husband to hold the quilt up - he had to work all weekend. So I dug around and found some pegs, and then waited for the wind to stop for a few seconds - and here it is:

The finished quilt is 58 x 40" and each churn dash block is 9" - it's quite large for a baby blanket, but he was quite a large baby and he'll grow into it. The fabrics are a total mix from my stash: Tilda, Aneela Hooley, Backyard Baby, Art Gallery, Flea Market Fancy, pearl bracelets...

I wanted to echo quilt the churn dash blocks. But very quickly new that I would get sick of sorting out the thread ends, so instead I gave grid quilting a go. In the past I've struggled with  puckers and pleats where the lines of stitching meet - theoretically my machine doesn't need a walking foot. I was very careful and apart from a few tiny pleats, I'm happy with the result. And it looks fine on the back - you just have to trust to it when you're sewing.

And I love the backing - it's bugs in jars from Backyard Baby.

I've bound it in another fabric from the same range.

We won't be able to give the quilt until we get back from holidays so I'll use the time to embroidery a small quilt label to go on it.


Sue Wild said...

I love the summery colours, very cheerful

Cherie said...

A fabulous finish! Loving the colour scheme and the backing fabric (I still haven't cut into my stash) =D

Nic said...

Looks great.

Sheila said...

This one is gorgeous, Jennie!