Sunday, 21 September 2014

A severe case of startitis

Because I need new projects like I need a hole in the head! [warning: phone photos only because I'm feeling lazy]

But when Issue 3 of Quilt Now arrived yesterday and I had a quick flick through it, I knew I had to make myself a Teardrop Mini Quilt. I went to sleep last night dreaming of navy, green and a flash of pink. Tonight I need to go to bed dreaming about how to quilt it!

This isn't the only thing I've started this week... a friend is having a baby girl later this year and I decided to make a butterfly quilt for her. I picked Tartan Kiwi's foundation pattern - by far the best butterfly I could find. But it's good because it has a LOT of pieces! It took me ages to cut the fabric, create the templates (I use freezer paper for foundation piecing) and then piece it. So much so that I'm debating my plan to make three of these blocks, and maybe go with one. We'll see how that works out. For the time being I am really pleased with my one block!

I've also started a small embroidery. Inspired by this pin, I'm embroidering a hydrangea for my sister-in-law for Christmas. At their wedding a few weeks ago, there were hydrangeas everywhere, so I thought this was appropriate.

And I've started a mini quilt to go above our TV - it's sole purpose is to hide the hole in the wall from the picture that use to hang there. I'm sure polyfilla is cheaper, but not as much fun! The question is, what will it spell?

I started cutting the fabrics for a Baby size Preppy the Whale quilt: hubby's work colleagues are also expecting a baby this side of Christmas... I may struggle to give away this quilt with such a perfect rainbow of colours!

And I'm not done with starts yet: another friend gave birth to a baby girl on Friday. Babies mean quilts. I'm tempted with one of the patterns in  A Quilters Mixology so watch this space.

I really need to try and finish a few things this week - the end of the quarter is coming fast and I'd like to squeeze in a few more finishes!


Kay said...

You certainly intend to keep busy. Have fun. x

Sarah said...

You seem to flit from project to project. I've heard the term is quilters ADD. I have it too! I hope you get all yours finished though. I get bored with things, or fall out of love with them and don't get them finished. My guess for the word above the tv is slack?