Friday, 26 September 2014

Swooning in a Crowd [a finish]

Oh yes - another one! This is one project which went through a lot of changes.

The original plan was nine 6" swoon blocks in a traditional setting. I cut all the fabric. Made three blocks. Put it away. Had a baby. Pulled it out. Made another two blocks. Decided I was bored. But five blocks doesn't get me very far and I had loads of fabric ready cut. One Saturday evening I sat and randomly pieced together the remaining cut fabric.

I then spent several evenings trying to put these random pieces together, limited by having only a fat quarter of the grey background fabric left. This is a kind of piecing that I DO NOT enjoy. It makes my head hurt.

The resulting quilt is not entirely successful. I've called it Swooning in a Crowd because the Swoons don't stand out - which is a shame given how much work goes into them. The cross hatch quilting doesn't help - it hides them even more... I added a little hand quilting - just lines here and there. But again, the thread maybe just lacked a little contract with the background colour.

Although the finished quilt fell short in a quite a few places, I do like the finished piece. It's not huge - 26" x 24" - so I've added a few loops on the back and Mia can have it on her lap in the buggy during the winter.

The fabrics are Kona Silver for the background, Nana's Flower Garden from Red Rooster Fabrics, Pearl Bracelets, Kona solids, Architextures, Sketch, Grunge from Basic Grey and Oval Elements from Art Gallery. It's quilted in Aurifil 50w 2600 and Finca #16 perle threads. It's bound in Kona solids and backed in from Urban Zoologie for Robert Kaufmann.

This is another Finish Along finish from my epic third quarter list.

Finish Along 2014
And it's my September goal for a Lovely Year of Finishes!


Shauna said...

very very cute, I love the backing fabric

mumasu said...

I really like this little quilt, it's very modern but traditional at the same time and the colours are really pretty :)

Heather North said...

You may not like it as much as you hoped, but I LOVE it! It has such a modern feel to it. The creative way you have pieced it together, along with the colors you used, are what caught my eye on the ALYOF blog. I'm super impressed you were able to get this finished with a baby. I remember those days well and it was always hard to find blocks of creative time where I wasn't too exhausted to think.